Does your business marketing plan include podcasting? If not, now is the time to think about adding it.


Because podcast have become quite popular among business, large or small. Podcasts are very useful and making them is easier than ever. In fact, they are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to connect with a group of people who are ready to buy, which is what every business wants.

Kuza Radio has taken the guess work out of setting up a podcast. Our platform is designed with both a newbie and an expert in mind.

Kuza Radio is user-friendly, affordable, scalable and versatile.

We offer a reliable system that will take the headache out of setting up so that you can spend more time creating content your listeners will love.

What you need to know about Kuza Radio.

Upon logging in you will access the Kuza Radio Control Panel. It’s a clean user-friendly portal. There are 4 fundamental sections of your radio/podcast station.

Setup the station

Start and share stream

Upload and schedule content

Review the stats or data

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